Kitchen Cabinet Materials



These kitchen cabinets offer a unique look that wood lovers are sure to like. They are more environmentally friendly than using wood because this material is more plentiful and grows back quicker than the trees that are used to make wood kitchen cabinets, guaranteeing that there will not be harsh costs to the environment.

These kitchen cabinets are also pretty sturdy, particularly for a cabinet that is technically made of grass. When the grass is treated properly, it can give the same durability that most hard woods, like oak, are known for. Homeowners may be able to save costs in the long run due to them not having to replace them very often.

The look of bamboo is another one of the benefits that many homeowners continue to fall in love with. This material offers a unique look that simply cannot be found anywhere else. It can easily be used to complement a modern look, or to add more charm to a traditional style. Whatever the style, homeowners that use these are sure to enjoy the versatility offered.

Another area where this material tends to shine is that it is low maintenance. Wood cupboards often need oiled and special cleaners may need to be used. These, however, can be easily wiped clean with soap, water, and a soft cloth.

On the downside, this grass is only grown in Asia, meaning that transportation costs tend to add to the cost, making these a bit more on the pricey side depending on where they are purchased. This material will show scratches just look wood cabinetry does too.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel cabinetry is quickly making its way to the top of the popularity contest. These offer a polished look that simply cannot be found anywhere else. On top of that, these are considered more durable and stronger than most wooden cabinets. They can withstand a large family that seems to pack every cabinet to the brim, and they will not break easily.

These cabinets offer more than just durability and a crisp, clean look. They are also easy to keep up with soap and water, and home owners never have to worry about the fading. They also tend to say light, giving the illusion of more space in a small kitchen, which can be the perfect idea to transform a claustrophobic kitchen into a modern masterpiece.

While they may offer a gleaming appearance, this material can wind up dented and scratched easier than bamboo, and it shows fingerprints. If little ones constantly want to touch everything, it is going to drive homeowners crazy as they struggle to clean the cabinet doors with glass cleaner to make them look clean again.

Which one?

All in all, both of these materials are great. They are both durable, and can coordinate well with different styles. They can both be low maintenance too. Homeowners are encouraged to consider the appearance and children in the house. If the look of either material makes homeowners eyes light up, then that one is the way to go. Environmentally friendly people typically go with bamboo, though. Last, consider the fingerprint element with stainless steel. Homeowners that want their home to appear clean and neat at all times will probably not enjoy this material as much as they originally though once they realize how many fingerprints can accumulate in a busy household within a few hours.

New cabinetry should be used to suit the homeowners needs and lifestyle, whichever material that is. Browse through some pictures online and see which look is perfect for the latest remodelling project.


Tips For Buying The Right Security Screen Doors For Your Home


You might want to leave the front door open in order to get a breeze going. However, this will also invite crooks to come on in as well as help themselves to all your things. What can be done? You could actually install a fancy security door and let in all the light and air you want whilst still preventing someone from sneaking in.

Though they provide protection, security doors can still be penetrated. Good thing experts have provided some great information on how to ensure that you get security, and only a door.

Experts say that it will all depend on how much security you need, along with the look that you are after for your home. If you are residing in a place where break-ins are rampant, consider installing a steel door with a steel grille. But if you just want to give the appearance of security whilst keeping out bugs, a durable Aluminium door could be enough.

Important Things You Must Look For

  • High Standard
    It needs to meet industry standards. It must not only secure you against flies. Ask also the installation company for a guarantee that its work complies.
  • Frame
    This can be aluminium or steel. A steel door is known as the most efficient security screen door. Choose one that is equipped with corrosion prevention solutions. Aluminium, on the other hand, is less prone to corrosion. The frame must have a deep receiver channel for the grille so that the edge won’t be pushed out of the frame very easily. Also, it must be reinforced at the corners.
  • Infill
    This can be made from steel, structural grade aluminium perforated sheet, aluminium grille or stainless steel mesh. The structural grade aluminium perforated sheets are among the new solutions. Based on industry experts, they are as secure as stainless steel mesh.
  • Hinges
    The door must have at least 3 hinges with fixed hinge pins that cannot be removed. Choose those with bigger pins. The hinges must be recessed or the door must have a hinge filling between the door and the frame.
  • Locks
    Choose locks with 5-pin cylinder. A 3-point lock might prevent the top or bottom of the door being wrenched back by intruders. It should likewise spread the force of any attack. Today, there are some locks with 25-year warranty.
  • Custom Design
    Industry experts say that security doors must always be custom-made. This will make sure that it will meet the standard or specific requirement of the property on where it must be installed.

Security screens certainly are a great investment for your property today. Apart from doors, be sure also to install the best window furnishings in your property.


Kitchen Floor Service


Not only should commercial kitchen floors be kept clean and sanitized but all floors of the restaurant should be done basically in the same way. There are many ways and tips for commercial kitchen floor care service. By the time that the staff in the back of the restaurant are finished with their shift their energy is low. If they are the ones that are closing the restaurant there are many extra things that have to be done so the restaurant is ready for next day’s business before the staff can clock out and go home. It is very important to remember in floor care service that restaurant floors have to be maintained hygienically maintained to not only protect the customers but to meet the necessary health regulations and codes.

Some of the tips for kitchen floor care service are:

  • Make sure that all of the floor drains are not obstructed and working property because if not, the water used to clean the floors will just lay there until the drain is cleaned out and the water can run out it smoothly and unobstructed
  • Typically in a restaurant the bathroom and kitchen floors are made of ceramic or quarry. To help decrease the possibility of a customer or kitchen staff along with maintaining proper sanitation.
  • Before you handle any food, make sure that you wash your hands under hot water for a few second with some anti-bacterial soap. Use some soap and water and mop the floorings to help debris from becoming air borne, especially around the workstations or on equipment.
  • Change and clean your buckets and mops on a daily basis to help decrease or prevent contaminants from being spread across the floors by a dirty mop. If both of these are not keep clean and sanitized it can become a health code problem.
  • To move the moisture on the floors into the drains for quicker drying you should use a squeegee mop.
  • At least once a week your floor care service routine should include buffing the floors using a one hundred seventy five rmp buffer. If it is necessary you could do this every day, especially grease, oil, or dirt that could have built up on the back kitchen floors.
  • Every restaurant should make sure that the chemicals used to clean the floors, the extra mops, should be stored in the area where other supplies are kept. All of these things should be kept under the sink or in a secure location on shelves to make it harder for all the pests to get inside them.

Choose the Shower Floor Tile for an Ultra Bathroom Ambiance


Among the essential details of a fully functional residence, apartment, home stay, hotel or business premises would be a well-facilitated bathroom with a transparent shower enclosure or a walk in shower perhaps shielded by curtains with a bench for a resting place. The walls, floor and fittings like the shower hose would all conform to a theme and color symbolism, preferably in light shades. Whether it has to be gaudy or realistic is a matter of choice, but lots of homeowners and designers opt for the mosaic shower floor tile. Small sizes are preferred like two inches or even smaller for safety’s sake. The floor may be sloping and the danger of slipping ever present. Arcs and curves around the shower floor and the bench would essentially require small tiles. Small tiles bring a lot of grout space and the result is traction that prevents slipping. Similarly, the edge of the shower bench needs to be curved too for a comfortable feel. The ceiling could be sloping if required.

The shower design would require some research, keeping in mind the space available and the other facilities provided like the vanity and the shower tub. Both tub and shower corner may not be necessary. Consider stone mosaic tiles to draw attention to the shower back wall. If you were planning a glass-enclosed shower corner, a dramatic impact would be created with multi-colored stone mosaics. If a curved shower bench is required, smaller tiles would be needed like the sloping shower floor.

If you have to get the bigger shower floor tile, consider slipping resistance that is indicated in letters. An A or B slip resistance rating would be safer than a C. If you fancied glass tiles, it would be like submerging them in the pool. Manufacturers and retailers specify such details.

Avoid clear glass tiles, particularly large ones, since they may trap moisture and look hazy. Smaller colored glass tiles would fit the purpose wonderfully and create a little fantasy world for the frequent showers. For the sake of variety, opt for a second and third tile pattern and size, material too perhaps for the three little walls. The back wall could stand out in a bright color while the other two could be plainer.

If cleaning is a problem, opt for larger slabs or glass tiles that make the job so much easier. Large slabs increase perception of fullness and increased dimensions too.


How Make Your Floor Elegant by Installing Timber Floor


Wood floors are popular because of their aesthetic appeal and durability among other characteristics. You can make your home more appealing by installing a wood floor. A true timber floor is constructed using reclaimed or recycled wood products.

The kind of wood that most people prefer is oak. One of the reasons why oak is popular is that it fits the culture. Some kinds of oak wood make attractive boards. Since it is challenging to install wood boards, it is advisable to hire a professional to carry out the installation.

One of the benefits of wood flooring is its appearance. This kind of floor gives an aesthetic and elegant look that seems to get better with age. Wooden floors have an eternal appeal because their value and beauty never go out of fashion. In addition, they lend a feeling of warmth to a house because they are good insulators. This is an added advantage in cold climates. These floors come in a great variety of finishes, styles and colors. You may choose to install unfinished or pre-finished wood floors.

Wood floors are also more long lasting than other kinds of floors. They are also water resistant. Therefore, although wood usually costs more than other floor types, it is worth the investment. It can last a lifetime and increase the value as well as charm of your house. If the finish of this floor develops scratches or becomes dull over the years, you may renew the finish by using the grind or sand methods to apply a fresh coat of urethane.

Wood flooring is also easy to maintain and clean every day. Unlike carpets, it cannot end up as a breeding ground for dust mites, mildew and mold. You can clean this kind of floor daily. In addition, this flooring options can be installed over a concrete slab, which is radiant heated. Nonetheless, you should remember that it is not recommended to install a three fourth inch timber slab directly on a concrete floor, but you can directly glue a five sixteenth inch solid hardwood slab to concrete.

Wood floors are also environmentally friendly. This is due to the introduction of new methods of harvesting wood and the presence of regulations that tree cutters must follow. Foresting practices are controlled to ensure that trees are not over harvested. Moreover, the wood used to make these floors can be recycled or reused from wooden boards, which are reclaimed from old buildings. Even though timber flooring may seem costly, it has many benefits and you will not regret installing it on your property.